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2 days to go

Finally it is only 2 days till we will be able to welcome you all back to Groß-Gerau. We are so exited to do so.

Here is already the link to our result service this year:

It cal be also accessed through the Sportity App with the channel code: Europeancup

Results Marathon 2021

Results Marathon are now online.

43rd Kriterium cancelled

There will be no Kriterium in 2021.

Since last March when we had to cancel the 42nd Kriterium we had hoped that we would be able to welcome you all back to Groß-Gerau in 2021. But the last months have proven us wrong. Due to the severe situation in the context of COVID-19 all over Europe and the outlook for the first half of 2021 we decided that there is no chance for an international Kriterium in Groß-Gerau. We considered a delay to summer 2021, but we decided that also this is not a viable scenario.
We believe there are more important things at the moment. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and hope to see you all at a great re-opening of the Kriterium in 2022.

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42nd Kriterium cancelled

Due to the Corona pandemic which has now taken full control over Germany and with the latest information of the Robert -Koch-Institute as well as the local administration in mind we have to face the fact that there is no other choice than to cancel the 42nd International Kriterium in Groß-Gerau.
Even though most of the official policies are confined till the 20th of April so far we are quite sure that they will be continued afterwards in some manner.
As disappointed as we all are to have to cancel our competition for the first time in over 40 years our first priority must be the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, volunteers, fans, vendors and everybody else. This in mind we had no other choice.
We thank everybody who planned to attend the Kriterium this year and we will refund all prepaid starting fees within the next days. Please be patient if it takes some time.
We are currently discussing with DRIV and WSE whether there will be a chance to postpone the competition to a later date this year. We will keep you updated on that.
Other than that we are already looking forward to see all of you again at our than 43rd International Kriterium on 23rd – 25th April 2021.

Timetable and conditions of contest 2020

Today we published the timetable as well as the conditions of contest for the 42. international Kriterium and the 18. Sprintcup on the website. For the Online-Registration please visit European Cup Inline

Zeitplan Samstag

Bitte beachten. Aufgrund der Starterzahlen in den Klassen Jugend Herren und Aktive Damen werden dort die Qualifikationsläufe anstelle der Halbfinals gelaufen. Hierdurch ändern sich dort die Qualifikationskriterien und wir werden wahrscheinlich etwas früher (10-15 Minuten) dran sein. Hier der neue Zeitplan.Download

Discord Server for DM

To be able to inform you even better about the latest news (e.g. timetables) during the championship we have startet a discord channel which we will also use for posting results and starter lists. Even though we will continue our result service here on the website.
Here is the link to the discord server:
Please be advised that we won't continue to print out all results on paper anymore. So we kindly ask you to use one of the two digital channels.

Following the links to the discord apps:



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aktualisiertes Programm Sonntag

Das aktualisierte Programm für Sonntag mit den eingefügten Ehrungen findet ihr hier.

Änderung des Programms

Aufgrund der Witterungsbedingungen verschieben wir die Sprints auf morgen.
Das neue Programm findet sich hier.

SDM this weekend

This weekend we will host the Southern German Championship in Groß-Gerau. You find all the information and the results under SDM


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