Sportverein BLAU-GELB GROSS-GERAU E.V. – Abteilung Speedskating


The way to

Gross-Gerau you can find in the middle of Germany. It's just a few kilometer south-west from Frankfurt.

Arrival by car

(map: Am Hallenbad
64521 Gross-Gerau

Approach from North-East

A67 - Exit Gross-Gerau
Turn right and immediately drive on the turn right line
Turn right and follow the road until the end (about 1 km)
Turn left on the Bundesstrasse L3482/B42 (direction Mannheim/Darmstadt)
Stay on the L3482/B42 until the second traffic lights, then turn right and then Immediately turn left (Am Hallenbad: slip road to the indoor swimming pool)
After 150m you will arrive the parking area of the Skate Park Gross-Gerau

Approach from South-West

A67 - Exit Büttelborn
Turn right on the Bundesstrasse B42 (direction Gross-Gerau)
Follow the B44 for 2 km and pass 5 traffic lights (then you will see on the right side the sports field of Gross-Gerau)
At the 6th traffic lights turn left
Turn right at the next traffic lights
Turn right at the next possiblity (Am Hallenbad) between Finanzamt and police station.
After 100m you will arrive the parking area of the Skate Park Gross-Gerau

Arrival by train

There are two train stations in Gross-Gerau:
main station Gross-Gerau (1,6km distance to the Skate Park) and Gross-Gerau Dornberg (1,3km distance to the Skate Park).

Arrival by plane

The next airport is Frankfurt am Main (FRA) at 20km distance from Gross-Gerau. Frankfurt Hahn (HHN) is at about 100km distance from Gross-Gerau