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The TEAM T-shirts have arrived!

Many thanks to all volunteer helpers!

In eight days begins the 40th International Speedskating Kriterium. Today the volunteer shirts arrived. This will help you to better see who is available to support you during the event and answer your questions.

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Hello to all former roller skaters and speed skaters! Register now for the Revival Race! Saturday, 28th April 4 pm at Skate-Park Groß-Gerau.

For the 40th Speedskating Kriterium, we invite all former participants to the revival race. In this race we will have fun and remember the past times. You can start with roller skates or inline skates. The distance is 1,500m, participation is free! Register now!

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Press report on the Kriterium - Meisterin des Marktplatz-Dreiecks

Today, our media partner, Echo Zeitungen, presented the first article in the series on the 40th Speedskating Kriterium Gross-Gerau.

Everything started in the city center of Gross-Gerau in the year 1979. Editor Udo Döring has rummaged deep in the chronicle and compiled interesting numbers and information for the first edition.

Read the full german text online: Meisterin des Marktplatz-Dreiecks

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Meet the World Games Winner

Only 20 days to go till the Kriterium will start. Our up-and-coming talents could already experience World Games winner Simon Albrecht and World Champion Laethisia Schimek on Thursday.

Our up-and-coming talents could already experience World Games winner Simon Albrecht and World Champion Laethisia Schimek on Thursday.

During the open training week for children between the ages of 4 and 15, Laethisia Schimek and Simon Albrecht gave another autograph session today after training. The offspring have joyfully demanded the signatures on helmets and skates.
In 20 days, the time has come, to join our World and European champions from Gross-Gerau numerous TOP athletes from almost 30 nations and compete at the Kriterium.

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28 days till the 40th International Speedskating Kriterium

With over 600 entries from 27 nations, the 40th International Speedskating Kriterium will again be a sporting highlight in Gross-Gerau.

As in recent years, the nation most represented is Germany with 218 skaters. The second strongest nation is France with 90 entries and third is Belgium with 62 participants. We are also happy about the entries from Cuba, Ecuador and the Ukraine. They will each compete with one starter in Gross-Gerau.

You find the complete list of inscriptions here.

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Welcome Kenya!

We are happy to welcome two Skaters from Kenya who will participate in our event 2018! This is the first time we will have participants from Kenya at the startline.

Some month ago we received the information from Skate Dream Africa that thei plan their participation in the 40th International Speedskating Kriterium. We are happy that all visa formalities are done and they can start their travel to Germany.
For more information about the team please visit

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Get 50% off Matter Wheels

Together with our presenting partner Powerslide we have a special offer during the 40th international Speedskating Kriterium.

You can never have enough great wheels while taking part at competitions. We are happy to support your sport by offering Powerslide Matter Wheels with a discount of 50% during the 40th international Speedskating Kriterium in Gross-Gerau.

This offer is valid while stocks last.

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Patronage for the 40. Speedskating Kriterium

We are happy to announce the patron for the Kriterium 2018. The new mayor of the Hosttown Gross-Gerau Mr. Erhard Walther will support our event and is happy to welcome all skaters and spectators!

In January the new mayor was elected and as in the last years he will be the patron for the most important international sport event in our city.

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Don't miss the deadline for inscriptions

In two weeks from now there will be the deadline for inscriptions with the normal price of 25€. You can still sign in later, however, the inscription fee will increase to 50€ as of March 30th, 2018.
For the pupils races, 15€ will be charged then. So don't miss the chance to send your inscriptions before!

Mark of more than 100 #itsyourstep pictures reached

... more than 100 pictures have already been posted via the social networks as part of our #itsyourstep Speedskatingchallenge. THANK YOU, the beginning has been made. We rechieved posts from many countries of the world and were delighted to see many different types of pictures, be it with skis, skates or sneakers .

Check out our #itsyourstep page and you can see all submissions clearly and quickly.
Please continue! Send us your steps and ask ALL speedskaters to join our challenge! #bepartofit

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